Singing Tree Rope Wrench

In 2012, Kevin Bingham, pushed the Rope Wrench into the market.  The Singing Tree Rope Wrench is a revolutionary design and concept that has changed the way tree care professionals approach tree climbing.  Instead of relying on a dynamic rope (doubled rope, DRT) system, it facilitates climbing on a static rope (single rope, SRT) system.  By taking weight off the system, the ST Rope Wrench allows a climber to ascend and descend with ease, without making complicated and timely switches of equipment aloft.  The ST Rope Wrench is not a life saving device, meaning it functions in conjunction with a hitch that is tied by the climber his/herself.  For some this is a very crucial point, the life of the climber is in their own hands, not in the hands of a mechanical device.  Additionally, the ST Rope Wrench is a lower cost item compared with mechanical tools that serve a similar function, thereby making it accessible to climbers who want to get their "feet wet" climbing on a Static Rope System and to large companies who seek to implement its use into company wide climbing procedures.