Singing Tree offers unique products and services. 

  • Large Tree Pruning:  If you have a large tree on your property, consider making it safer by removing deadwood and hazardous branches.
  • Small Tree Pruning:  The best time to prune your small tree is now!  Proper structure begins when the tree is young.  Prune for aesthetics and tree health.
  • Root Crown Excavation:  Trees in the urban environment are often buried deep in the soil or grass.  We remove material from the base of the tree to show a proper root flare and allow air to flow around the base of the tree.
  • Root Surgery:  Once a root crown excavation is performed, we can assess if there are girdling roots that are inhibiting the growth of the tree.  If so, we can selectively prune certain roots to allow the tree to thrive.  
  • Soil Remediation:  Urban soil is often compacted and, structurally weak and nutrient deprived.  We have an arsenal of tools and organic nutrients to improve your soil.  
  • Consultation:  Hire one of our ISA Certified Arborists to look at your trees.  We can diagnose, assess and educate you about your trees. 
  • Tree Planting:  We draw upon our knowledge, your personal preferences and local nurseries to find the best tree for your particular site.  

Photo Examples:


Root Crown Excavation

Using a pneumatic air device, we blast soil and debris away from the base of the tree to expose the natural root flare.  This trunk was buried almost a foot beneath the soil! 



Large Tree Pruning 

Our world class climbers can maneuver around any tree large or small, but they prefer the big ones!  No lion tailing, no removing of all lower, easy to access branches, no interior stripping.  Fine pruning of large trees necessitates climbing to the tips of limbs to eliminate extra weight and to remove dangerous deadwood.  


Tree Planting

We plant trees the right way so they can be successful.  Proper planting requires that the root flare sits above the soil level.  We mulch but never mulch mound.  

root surgery after.jpg

Root Surgery 

Here is an after shot of a tree whose girdling root we cut.  Now the tree can grow and expand without squeezing itself to death.